On-Demand Webinar

IRS Challenges: Winning Approaches

Watch the On-Demand Webinar

Meet the Team Leaders

James Pickett

James is a 30-Year IRS Veteran: Decades of IRS experience, offering unparalleled insights into tax procedures and regulations.

Brittany Francis

Brittany is an IRS Enrolled Agent: Certified tax advisor with unlimited IRS representation rights, ensuring top-notch advocacy.

Meet the Tax Attorneys

Luke Smith

Georgia State Law alum  | U.S. House of Representatives intern | Guiding businesses through tax complexities with seasoned insights

Chris Stephens

Georgetown Law alum | Grant Thornton veteran | Diligently unraveling tax intricacies for clients’ optimal resolutions in tax disputes

Unveiling the IRS Playbook: Your Ultimate Guide to Tax Controversy

Join us for an extraordinary webinar featuring a powerhouse panel of experts, including a retired 30-year veteran of the IRS who will share unique insights about how the IRS operates. You’ll also be joined by an IRS enrolled agent with a proven track record of successfully standing up to the IRS, ready to share battle-tested strategies.

Our two accomplished tax attorneys will round out the panel, providing invaluable guidance on how to effectively fight back against the IRS.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  • The Phases of an IRS Examination: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire examination process
  • Mastering Information Document Requests (IDRs): Learn how to respond effectively, ensuring you’re prepared for any IRS examination.
  • Cracking the Code of the Automated Underreporter (AUR) Program: Navigate through the complexities of AUR notices with confidence.
  • Best Practices for Responding to AUR Notices: Arm yourself with expert strategies for responding to notices from the AUR program.
  • Demystifying the ’90-day’ Letter: Understand this critical step and how to respond in a way that protects your rights.
  • A Deep Dive into State Audits: Learn the general progression and best practices for facing State Audits.
  • Mastering State Audit Appeals: Discover the essential steps for appealing State Audits and Notice of Assessments.