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You have a vision. Your game-changing technology is on a path to revolutionize the industry. That path, however, is fraught with peril and distraction. Between customers who pull your product in new and unexpected directions, the expensive war for talent and the constant search for investment capital, keeping a line of sight on that strategic vision can prove difficult.

Private equity and other investment capital continue to flow toward innovative technology, but investors are increasingly selective, and the window for investment return is shrinking. You need support from a trusted partner to balance these complexities and keep your investors satisfied. Bennett Thrasher can help you continue to meet your goals while balancing risk and staying ahead of the curve.


Our professionals provide more than tax planning for the tech industry. We offer the insight technology companies need to achieve their business and financial goals by:

  • Providing accurate, timely and relevant financial information through outsourced accounting and tax compliance support
  • Minimizing the global effective tax rate through tax-efficient structuring of newly formed or acquired subsidiaries
  • Preparing transfer pricing studies in accordance with U.S. and foreign regulations to take advantage of opportunities to migrate intellectual property to lower-taxed jurisdictions
  • Planning for the tax implications of mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations and other liquidity events
  • Complying with the rules and requirements of state and local taxes on income, sales, use, property and payroll
  • Claiming tax credits, such as the R&D and entertainment tax credits, and negotiating relocation and economic development incentives
  • Valuing your technology business to help give you a competitive edge
  • Preparing financial statements and consulting on financial presentations for potential investors
  • Connecting your company with the right venture capitalists and private equity groups
  • Providing technology services for IT assistance and consulting

For technology startups, navigating the many important decisions you need to make for your business is complicated. Whether you are looking for a tech startup CPA or need help with entity selection, protecting intellectual property, taking advantage of tax credits and incentives or presenting solid financials to attract the next round of investment, you don’t have to navigate these waters alone. Bennett Thrasher understands the unique needs of technology start-ups and can help you address the challenges you face as your start-up continues to grow.

We partner with many technology accelerators, organizations and venture forums in Georgia to help start-ups and emerging tech companies leverage our expertise and ensure financial peace of mind. Some of these organizations include the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), CREATE-X, Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), Venture Atlanta, Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), Techstars and the Creative Coast.

Whether you are building technology for FinTech, Health IT, software solutions, cloud storage or any other industry, we offer a variety of accounting, tax and advisory solutions to meet your needs and continue to grow.

Complexity increases as your company continues to expand. Perhaps you’ve introduced your product or service overseas, either because you recognized an untapped market or followed a key client. As you navigate international expansion, it’s crucial to consider the many financial decisions that come into play with this growth.

Opportunities to migrate intellectual property to lower-taxed jurisdictions are attractive, but it’s crucial to weigh them against the increasing scrutiny of transfer pricing practices and comply with all of the local jurisdictions’ statutory reporting requirements to keep your business in good standing with foreign governments. Our professionals can help your company manage these challenges with ease and offer the insight you need to assure you’re both in compliance and taking advantage of the opportunities available to you.

To achieve profitable growth while avoiding financial roadblocks that can occur with international growth, you need access to experienced professional advisors who can support you wherever your business takes you. That’s why Bennett Thrasher provides comprehensive accounting, tax and consulting support to technology businesses throughout the U.S. and around the world.

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Bennett Thrasher believes in serving our clients by building trust through insight and involvement.

If you’re looking for comprehensive accounting and consulting support while you focus on developing and marketing your technology, we can help. Contact Richard Bartolanzo or Brian Hamm to schedule a consultation.


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