Manage Risk & Growth While Preserving Financial Health

In today’s constantly evolving healthcare space, providers and supporting organizations are under constant pressure to improve care quality while simultaneously improving efficiency and reducing costs. Management must also remain vigilant with respect to corporate compliance in a complex regulatory environment.

These challenges require organizations to constantly monitor and adjust their approach to protect the organization’s assets and reputation. With our considerable healthcare industry experience, Bennett Thrasher can help you understand these risks and focus on growth.


We offer comprehensive corporate compliance, transaction advisory and strategic services for the healthcare industry, including medical practices, dental practices, and more. Our experiences in these areas also provide value to our clients as part of traditional healthcare audit and tax engagements. While we tailor our engagement to your organization’s needs, our services include:

Proactive compliance is essential to achieving your organization’s goals. The regulatory landscape for healthcare providers and payers has never been more treacherous, especially when it comes to Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse. One misstep can lead to settlement payments and fines, protracted legal battles and a ruined reputation – not to mention the possibility of being excluded from Medicare and other federal healthcare programs.

Bennett Thrasher goes beyond providing traditional accounting services to truly understand healthcare organizations’ regulatory challenges. Our strategic consulting can help you prevent and detect violations and respond appropriately.

Corporate mergers and acquisitions are strategic transactions critical to capitalizing on growth opportunities and enabling your organizational goals to be achieved.

Healthcare providers considering acquiring or joining a hospital system or taking on a private equity investment need guidance to structure the transaction in a way that maximizes their after-tax return on investment.

On the buy-side, hospital systems and private equity groups need thorough due diligence to validate the financials and evaluate business trends that can affect a target’s earnings quality. On the sell side, stakeholders need advisory services to maximize asset value and facilitate an efficient and timely transaction.

Whatever your transaction needs, Bennett Thrasher can bring value to your organization with our deep understanding of the healthcare industry based on years of serving clients throughout the country.

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Bennett Thrasher believes in serving our clients by building trust through insight and involvement.

If you would benefit from the assistance of dedicated healthcare accountants and consultants, we can help. Contact Patrick Braley, Michael Dukes or Matthew Grosvenor to schedule a consultation.


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