Business Tax Compliance

Streamlining Business Tax Compliance

For a growing business, tax compliance can feel like drinking from a fire hose. From filing sales tax returns in multiple states and municipalities to calculating income tax provisions for financial statements, the sheer volume of tax requirements can overwhelm all but the most robust tax departments. International expansion adds an extra layer of complexity, requiring specialized knowledge and experience in global tax compliance.

When faced with this onslaught of local, state, federal and international tax requirements, a “same as last year” mentality may be tempting-but rote compliance can leave a lot of money on the table. Only through an in-depth, comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s activities can you truly know that you are complying with tax law while still minimizing the company’s overall tax burden.

Bennett Thrasher takes a coordinated approach to business tax compliance, drawing on teams of specialists in taxation of C corporations, pass-through entities and real estate investment partnerships. These experienced tax professionals simplify compliance while lowering the global effective tax rate by:

  • Providing comprehensive review of your company’s worldwide tax footprint with an eye toward complying with required statutory filings while also minimizing local taxes
  • Reviewing shareholder and operational agreements for key business and tax aspects
  • Developing documentation to support and defend transfer pricing agreements in U.S. and foreign jurisdictions
  • Identifying state and local tax (SALT) exposure and managing state tax reporting
  • Preparing financial statement income tax provisions in accordance with ASC 740
  • Resolving federal, state and local tax controversies, from standard IRS audits to appeals

In addition to our deep bench of seasoned tax professionals, Bennett Thrasher draws on our affiliation with Leading Edge Alliance and DFK International, two worldwide associations of independent accounting firms that are located in more than 110 countries across the globe. With access to tax professionals in jurisdictions around the world, our clients can rest assured that their global tax compliance needs are covered, wherever in the world they operate.

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