Streamlining Business Tax Planning & Compliance

For a growing business, tax planning and compliance can feel like drinking from a firehose. The sheer volume of tax reporting and disclosure requirements can overwhelm all but the most robust tax departments. From reporting structural changes to your businesses operations to filing sales tax returns in multiple jurisdictions to complying with income tax reporting and payment obligations in foreign countries, businesses cannot afford to adopt a “same as last year” mentality.

Following ever-changing state, federal and international tax laws while minimizing your businesses’ overall tax burden demands an in-depth, comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s activities. That’s why we take a coordinated approach to business tax planning and compliance, with a team of specialists who will increase your tax functions rate of return while searching for opportunities to lower your global effective tax rate.


Business owners and entrepreneurs need advice from tax experts who know how to balance the needs of both the business and its owners.

The professionals at Bennett Thrasher will help you minimize your overall tax burden by:

  • Reviewing shareholder and operating agreements to optimize key business and tax provisions
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable rules and regulations while minimizing tax risks
  • Managing state and local tax (SALT) reporting, identifying state and local opportunities and mitigating state exposure areas
  • Calculating necessary income tax provisions for financial reporting in accordance with ASC740
  • Resolving federal, state and local tax disputes, including IRS audits and appeals
  • Integrating business succession planning with planning for the transfer of overall family wealth

With our deep bench of seasoned tax professionals, you can rest assured that your business and individual tax needs are covered.

International expansion adds an extra layer of complexity to a business’s tax needs. Even the most robust corporate tax department can struggle to keep pace with tax authorities’ demands in an increasingly globalized economy.

The professionals at Bennett Thrasher help growing businesses reduce the risk of non-compliance and add value by taking an integrated approach to global tax planning, compliance and reporting.  We can help a business with its multi-national expansion by:

  • Providing a comprehensive review of your company’s worldwide tax footprint to comply with required statutory filings while minimizing local taxes
  • Consult on your company’s organizational structure to optimize your global effective tax rate
  • Researching international issues, including new taxes, reporting and compliance obligations

Cross-border expansion often requires a thorough review of tax effects not only from a US point of view but from a global perspective as well.  In such cases, we can tap into the expertise of tax professionals from jurisdictions around the world through our affiliation with Leading Edge Alliance and DFK International, two worldwide associations of independent accounting firms located in more than 110 countries around the world.

With a team of experienced tax professionals behind you, you can rest assured that your global planning and compliance needs are covered, no matter where you operate.

Team Leaders

Bennett Thrasher believes in serving our clients by building trust through insight and involvement.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you minimize your global effective tax rate, we can help. Contact Richard Bartolanzo or Zack Leder to schedule a consultation.


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