Credits & Incentives

Strengthen Your Financial Position through Tax Credits and Incentives

Investing in your business makes it stronger, but finding the resources to pay for those growth avenues isn’t always easy. With federal and state tax credits to support research and other activities your company would like to conduct – or that it already performs – the financial picture changes dramatically.

By taking advantage of these generous credits and incentives, business owners can improve cash flow and strengthen their long term position in the marketplace.

Substantial tax credits and incentives are available to help businesses in every industry. Each state offers a variety of credits designed to encourage certain activities within its borders, and the federal government provides a broad range of credits and tax incentives including:

  • Research & Development (Research & Experimentation)
  • Section 199 – Domestic Production Activity Deduction (DPAD)
  • Cost Segregation
  • Alternative Fuel and Alternative Energy
  • Updated Tangible Property Regulations (TPR)
  • Worker Retraining Credits

Identifying Opportunities

Many business owners think they don’t qualify, but find themselves pleasantly surprised after a cost-free preliminary assessment by our tax credit and incentive experts. This “Phase 1” assessment is offered at no charge, allowing companies to see the potential tax savings before deciding to undergo the reporting and documentation required to qualify for a particular credit or incentive.

Even those that have previously claimed tax credits or incentives often benefit from a Phase 1 analysis by the firm’s experienced team, who often are able to identify new opportunities and capture additional savings. In many cases, after a thorough review your business can file an amended return to reap financial benefits that went unclaimed in previous years.

Maximized Savings, Reduced Risk

We have a highly experienced, in-house team of tax credit and incentive specialists who truly get to know your business in depth over time. These experts provide clients with a consistent partnership based on a personal understanding of their business and their individual goals. Clients appreciate the personal service and added value of a tax incentive strategy based on their long-term growth plans and unique operational style.

Taking advantage of the available incentives is key to remaining competitive in every industry, whether you’re a small technology start-up or a large, established manufacturing operation. By partnering with Bennett Thrasher, you’ll gain confidence that your business is fully utilizing every incentive and claiming the maximum allowable benefit.

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To learn more about the valuable tax credits and incentives your business may qualify for and schedule a complimentary Phase 1 assessment to estimate your potential benefits, please contact Betsi Barrett by calling 770.396.2200.