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Stephen Bradshaw
Partner in charge of
State and Local Tax

Avoiding Interstate Taxation Pitfalls
Expert State and Local Tax Strategies for Software Companies

Explore the Intricacies of Sales Tax in the Software Industry with Stephen Bradshaw, a renowned expert from Bennett Thrasher. This webinar is an essential resource for accountants and financial professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of sales tax complexities. Bradshaw provides a thorough overview of the critical concept of nexus, explaining how a company’s interactions with different states determine its tax obligations.

Understand the specific challenges faced by software companies in categorizing products for tax purposes. Bradshaw offers insightful strategies for estimating and addressing prior period tax liabilities. The discussion on leveraging software solutions for tax compliance is particularly relevant, equipping professionals with the knowledge to navigate this evolving landscape effectively.

This webinar is not just an information session but a practical guide, making it a valuable tool for anyone in the financial sector of the software industry.

Webinar Presenter:
Stephen Bradshaw is a Partner in Bennett Thrasher’s State and Local Tax practice, providing state income/franchise tax consulting; compliance; ASC 740 (provision); sales/use tax consulting; state tax credit and incentives; unclaimed property; and other miscellaneous state tax services to clients of varying sizes and legal entity types. Read Stephen’s full bio here.