BT Career Path

Looking for Career Growth? Let’s Talk!

Where do you see your career taking you? We can help you get there.

Our dynamic, growing client base provides abundant opportunities to take on new challenges and achieve your career goals while providing a diverse range of experiences at every level. Wherever your career takes you, you’ll have the skills and business acumen to excel.

Of course, a career isn’t always linear-sometimes it zigs or zags due to a change in your career aspirations or family commitments. Maybe you want to take a sabbatical to pursue a philanthropic passion, or you find out that audit isn’t the right fit for you, and you want to try out business valuation or dispute resolution. At Bennett Thrasher, we encourage you to come to us with your needs, your concerns and your questions so that we can have a conversation about what career moves are best for you and your family-and as a result, best for our firm.

Whether you already have a clear picture of ambitious career goals, or you’re looking for some guidance, we can help you find your path. Learn about our open opportunities.