Why BT?

Building Trust Through Insight and Involvement

Alignment of values is a powerful thing. When a group of individuals comes together with a shared mission and sense of purpose, there truly is no limit to what those individuals can achieve on behalf of their clients.

That’s the power of Better Together.

“I truly believe that if we come in every day with the attitude that we can make something positive happen for our clients and for one another, we will.”

Rick Bennett, Co-Founding Partner

Core Values

Bennett Thrasher exists to serve our clients by building trust through insight and involvement. This shared purpose springs from our deeply held belief in three core values.

Integrity noun \in-‘te-gre-tē\: We are who we say we are. We do what we say we will do.

Like you, we set a high bar for ourselves. To us, integrity means jumping as hard as we can to reach that bar each and every day. It means making choices that are in our clients’ best interests and that will not mar our independence and objectivity. It also means not doing something unless we can do it right and with no regrets.

Family noun \’fa-me-lē\: We support our families. We respect each other.

Our firm exists to serve clients and to provide professional fellowship and prosperity for everyone in the firm; without the people who come to our office every day, Bennett Thrasher would not exist. That’s why “family first” is more than a label. We believe that you are more than your job, and we will do everything in our power to help you do right by the people you love.

Clients noun \’klī-ents\: We serve our clients. We meet their needs.

To serve our clients, we must be clear about what we do well. We deliver the most value when we can operate as true business advisors who are invested in your success. Through this active involvement, we develop deep insight into your business and personal activities. Then we work collaboratively with each other and with you, bringing to bear the full weight of our combined resources to help you build something of value.


Bigger Thinking

Our unity of values means that we genuinely like and respect one another, and that camaraderie means that we actively seek opportunities to engage with one another to create value on your behalf.

The impact of our collaborative culture is most apparent during our exclusive Whiteboard Sessions. When a client or prospective client has a pressing issue or opportunity, we assemble our most experienced professionals to brainstorm and dissect the issue from every angle-from financial reporting to tax structuring to wealth management.

The end result? A game plan that takes into account the full scope of financial risks and opportunities and puts you in a position to generate, sustain and maximize value. That’s what we call Better Together.