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Prevent, Detect and Respond to Fraud and Misconduct

Fraud and misconduct represent a constant danger to your organization. These risks have the potential to devastate your company’s reputation and bottom line and expose your company to legal and regulatory fines, penalties or sanctions. Today’s regulatory environment continues to raise the stakes in a way that threatens your company’s very existence.

With so much at stake, business leaders across industries are more aware of the need for a robust compliance program that protects what’s important, compliments business objectives, ensures compliance with laws and regulations and prevents and detects fraud, waste and abuse.


Bennett Thrasher’s Regulatory Compliance & Anti-Fraud Consulting team offers a variety of customized compliance programs and fraud prevention solutions to provide assurance and meet your unique compliance needs.

Whether you’re establishing the foundation of an effective program, conducting your first fraud risk assessment or evaluating the systems and controls you already have in place, we can help. Our services include:

  • Determining your organization’s fraud risk profile
  • Identifying areas in which your organization is vulnerable to fraud, waste or abuse
  • Evaluating the likelihood that fraud could occur
  • Determining the potential impact of fraud on your business
  • Ensuring your company has the right controls in place and that those controls are working
  • Responding to allegations of fraud or inquiries from regulators
  • Designing regulatory compliance programs
  • Reviewing the design and assessing the effectiveness of existing regulatory compliance programs

With our expertise and objectivity, our professionals can help you reduce your exposure to risks that can have a detrimental impact on your organization’s finances or, even worse, its integrity.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) allocates significant resources to identifying and prosecuting Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse. When these allegations occur, targeted entities are often required to enter into a Corporate Integrity Agreement with the Office of the Inspector General.

As part of this agreement, the organization needs to retain a third-party Independent Review Organization (IRO) with deep healthcare and regulatory compliance experience and an efficient, proven model for performing annual systems and transactions reviews.

Bennett Thrasher serves as the IRO for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and other life sciences entities nationwide and takes a practical, efficient approach to these compliance reviews. As a result of this experience, we have a keen understanding of government requirements and the operational challenges organizations face in maintaining compliance.

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Bennett Thrasher believes in serving our clients by building trust through insight and involvement.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you design a customized compliance and anti-fraud program, or to help you evaluate your current one, we can help.

Contact Patrick Braley or Matt Grosvenor to schedule a consultation.

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