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Create, Preserve & Harvest Value from Your Business

The exit planning process includes multiple steps, complications and considerations that can impact the value you eventually harvest from your business, so it’s never too early to start planning for that transition. This ensures you’re able to create and preserve the maximum value of your business and increases the chances of you exiting on your own terms.

Bennett Thrasher’s Value Acceleration & Exit Planning practice is committed to helping business owners navigate succession complexities, including assessing a company’s value and establishing a strategic exit plan to meet an owners’ timeline.


Business owners devote substantial time and make significant investments to build a successful business. The exit plan is as important as any strategic plan you have used to meet your company’s goals.

An exit plan begins by looking at the current value of the business. By discovering the full value of your business’s tangible and intangible assets, you can make the necessary decisions that benefit you most.

Every business has unique qualities. The business valuation professionals at Bennett Thrasher can provide you with an objective and comprehensive business analysis to help you achieve your goals.

Our business valuation professionals can assist you with:

  • Purchasing, selling or merging a business
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Executive compensation strategies
  • Gift and estate tax planning
  • Succession planning
  • ESOP feasibility

The number one reason a business owner’s exit plan fails is due to a lack of consideration of all of the aspects of the plan, including matching the plan to your goals. Without a sound exit plan, entrepreneurs could sell the company for the wrong price or at the worst time possible, faced with unforeseen challenges like burnout, health or family issues or financial stress.

Exit planning is a process – not a one-time event. That’s why our team of Exit Planning professionals, led by a certified exit planning advisor, will work alongside you to understand your business and your goals. After taking into consideration your transition timeline, we then develop a plan that aligns with your objectives and will work with you to meet those goals.

Bennett Thrasher’s team provides a holistic approach to exit planning. Your team will be comprised of highly skilled professionals who have the expertise to help build a personalized exit plan for you. The benefits of working with Bennett Thrasher for exit planning include:

  • Helping you decide how and when you exit your business
  • Creating a strategic plan to increase business value and protect that value
  • Decreasing potential business risks and readying the business for sale
  • Minimizing or eliminating taxes for you, your estate or family
  • Reducing stress and uncertainty
  • Creating a smooth transition for the company’s management team

Most importantly, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a plan in place to meet your business and personal goals while exiting the business on your timeline.

Bennett Thrasher offers specialized advisory services that bring strategy and opportunity together to improve business performance and help you plan for your current and future financial needs.

Business Valuation
Our professionals can help you discover the value of your business so you can make the necessary tax plans and financial decisions that benefit you most.

Transaction Advisory
We look for ways to increase the value on the sale of your business. We will determine the appropriate value if you are implementing an employee stock option plan or adding a new partner.

M&A Tax Advisory
We’ll help you navigate the complexities of federal, state, local and international taxes to preserve value during any merger or acquisition transaction.

Individual Tax Compliance
Whether you need help dealing with complex federal and state income tax returns, estate or gift tax returns, tax projections or planning, we’ll simplify tax planning and compliance and provide proactive solutions so you can focus on what you do best.

Personal Financial Planning and Wealth Management
Our independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisors can provide investment management, consulting and financial planning services to individuals and families.

Team Leaders

Bennett Thrasher believes in serving our clients by building trust through insight and involvement.

If you’re looking for a strategic partner to help you maximize your business value, we can help. Contact Gina Miller to schedule a consultation.


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