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Strengthen Your Financial Position Through Tax Credits & Incentives

Investing in your business makes it stronger, but finding the resources to pay for that growth isn’t always easy. Federal, state and local tax credits and incentives can dramatically change that financial picture.

Bennett Thrasher’s team of dedicated professionals can help you maximize your tax savings by taking advantage of tax credits and incentives to align with your company goals.


Research & Development

The Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit is an effective way for businesses to invest in new or improved products and processes. It can be used to offset federal income tax liability and, in some cases, payroll tax liability. Many states provide a similar credit, making it one of the most valuable tax credits available.

Cost Segregation

Cost segregation studies are a valuable tax strategy for real estate investors and commercial property owners. Various components of real estate may be segregated and reclassified for depreciation purposes from a 39-year depreciable life to a five, seven, or 15-year depreciable life.  Further, owners can take advantage of bonus depreciation or qualified improvement property (QIP) resulting in substantial tax savings.

Energy-Efficient Properties

Commercial and residential properties that exceed energy efficiency standards may qualify for substantial tax savings.  The tax savings can offset the cost associated with installing energy efficient components.  The energy efficiency incentives may benefit commercial and multifamily building owners, architects, engineers, investors, developers, and building contractors.

Employer-Provided Childcare Tax Credits

Employers that provide or sponsor childcare for their employees can claim a federal and potential state credit for the cost of acquiring and operating an on-site facility, or amounts paid to contract with a licensed childcare program. The federal and state credits, coupled with the tax savings from deducting a portion of the childcare expenditures, can yield an after-tax cash surplus – that is, the tax savings can more than offset the cost of providing the childcare.

The professionals at Bennett Thrasher will help identify available tax-saving opportunities at no charge, allowing you to see the potential benefit before pursuing a particular tax credit or incentive.

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