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BT Partners Raygan Evans, David Kloess and Zack Leder were recent guests on Trusted Counsel’s In Process Podcast discussing the financial and tax considerations businesses should take prior to an exit. The episode kicked off a series of podcasts showcasing what actions businesses and their chief executives should be taking in order to prepare to be sold. Raygan, David and Zack stressed the importance of preparing in advance for a sale, and discussed the potential negative ramifications of waiting to prepare until the last minute. They also mentioned the key advantages that exist when planning ahead for an exit with a trusted financial advisor.

Zack explains in the podcast, “The smarter clients are the proactive ones that get us in when we can do some planning on the front end to make sure that, as they start discussions with potential suitors, the structure of the deal is going to be the most tax advantageous forum and accomplish goals for both sides,” says Leder.

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