Propel Your Investment Firm’s Efficiency & Growth With Fund Administration Services

Our Fund Administration practice specializes in accounting and investor services for investment firms. Through our stated commitment to client service, you’ll receive a customized and responsive approach, proactively identifying best practices and solutions that meet your firm’s unique needs.

Whether you are starting your first fund or are an established fund manager, you can concentrate on managing your portfolio investments, while the complexities of Fund Administration are handled by our experienced team. Our technology-driven solutions ensure seamless data flow, tailored accounting and reporting, and streamlined operations.


We provide comprehensive back office accounting services for the full life cycle of a fund from inception to dissolution including all treasury functions, capital calls, distributions, investing and fund accounting, partner allocations, waterfall calculations and financial statement reporting for our clients and their investors.

Record Maintenance: We keep up-to-date accounting records for all fund financial transactions and investor commitments

Performance Metrics: Timely calculations of fund performance (NAV, IRR, TVPI, DPI, etc.)

Financial Statements: Production of ad-hoc, quarterly, and annual financial statements and footnotes, schedule of investments, and partners’ capital account statements (PCAP) and other client-specific reporting. Want to learn more about financial statements?

Tax & Audit Facilitation: As your liaison, we facilitate the audit and tax process by providing seamless service to third party teams enabling timely preparation of audited financials, K-1s, and tax returns

Consulting and Advisory: In addition to our fund management services, we can provide an extra layer of oversight on your existing internal accounting functions and/or fund administration to bridge service gaps by leveraging our expertise and ensuring quality deliverables to your management

Bennett Thrasher handles all your investment administration, including reporting and communications, and ensures accurate calculations, timely notices, and seamless transactions.

Investor Management & Relations: By implementing and maintaining our data management software, your intended investor contacts are updated and maintained to ensure timely, relevant, and customized communications

Limited Partner Account Maintenance & Reporting: Our technology-driven platform ensures you have prompt and accurate reporting for all investor activities, including capital calls, distributions, and partner capital statements

Financial Transactions: Coordination, tracking, and management of capital calls and distributions

Investment Portal: Our secure and customizable client investor portal gives you and your investors timely access to all fund and LP-related documents, fund statistics, and individually tailored information

Our experienced team provides you with advisory support, including interpreting accounting implications of fund documents and access to our wide network of service providers to optimize the fundraising process. We focus on the essential steps and services to kickstart your fund and ensure a smooth launch.

Operational Guidance: Review and advise on draft governing and subscription documents, highlighting key fund terms and the mechanics of accounting and administration

Service Provider Coordination: Recommendations and introductions to crucial service providers (tax, audit, banking, legal, AML, KYL, etc.) and assistance with the digital subscription process for investors

Onboarding Investors: Our technology-based solutions allow for seamless integration of limited partner and investor contact information to start high-quality communications with your investors

Bennett Thrasher offers a broad range of operational support services designed to streamline fund management, enhance investor relations, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Treasury Services: Administration of online banking platforms and transaction processing

Operational Efficiency: Assistance with expense payments, investment processes, and third-party service provider management

General Partnership and Management Company Accounting: Comprehensive support for the general partnerships and management company, including accounting, financial statement preparation, and tax process management

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