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In a recent segment on WGBH, Boston’s public radio station, Bennett Thrasher partner Peter Stathopoulos, who leads the firm’s State and Local Tax practice and its Entertainment practice, provides insight regarding the success of Georgia’s film tax credits and as to how Massachusetts can work towards a similar outcome. Stathopoulos discusses the success that one production can bring to a city, using the example of Senoia, Georgia, and “The Walking Dead.” “This massively successful show, which is running on eight seasons, utterly revitalized the town,” he says. “There was a building boom, there was a residential boom, and not only was the downtown completely transformed with restaurants and businesses and hotels, but the surrounding residential areas became very popular. People wanted to buy homes near the filming of ‘The Walking Dead.

He also explains the growth of the professional crews. “When we started this project, Georgia probably had one or two professional crews that were able to service a large film,” Stathopoulos says. “At this point, we’re between 15 to 20 crews so, basically, all crew people in the surrounding Southwest region pretty much have moved to Georgia.” For the full segment, you may listen here.

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