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In a recent article Peter Stathopoulos discusses the state of Georgia’s film industry. Thanks to tax incentives, filming continues to grow across the state, but opportunity exists for the state to invest in content creation, as investment for the booming production business, however, still flows primarily from New York or L.A.

“We haven’t reached a self-sustaining industry yet,” states Stathopoulos. “It’s still heavily dependent on the film credit. If we can fill in some of the gaps of the industry here besides production than, yes, it might become self-sustaining. We’re not going to have a vertically integrated entertainment industry until some of these pieces fill in.”

Stathopoulos sees promise in developing equity and debt financing for film, television and other content creation. He suggests the investment industry needs to be educated on the process and how to mitigate risk associated with feature film investments. You may read the full article here.

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