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Peter Stathopoulos and Brian Sengson of Bennett Thrasher’s State and Local Practice recently appeared as guests on an episode of Business Radio X’s Wealth Matters podcast.

The episode, “Using Film, Economic Development, and Other State Tax Credits to Reduce Your Income Tax Burden,” covered state tax credits in the State of Georgia. Stathopoulos and Sengson specifically addressed transferable tax credits and tax credits in the film and auto industries and ways to reduce your income tax burden. Listen to the full episode here.

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Stathopoulos leads Bennett Thrasher’s State and Local practice. He has extensive experience in the areas of state and local taxation and economic development incentives, and has worked closely with state tax and economic development policymakers to represent the business community’s interests.

Sengson is a manager in Bennett Thrasher’s State and Local practice. He specializes in helping clients reduce their effective state tax rates through multistate tax planning, state credits and economic development incentives.