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We wanted to make you aware of a new security threat called the KRACK vulnerability. Researchers discovered a flaw in a commonly used WiFi encryption standard known as WPA2 which is used in tens of millions of devices in homes and businesses worldwide. The KRACK vulnerability allows a threat actor to intercept communications from your computer or mobile device if they’re in range of a vulnerable wireless network, access point or router. This means an attack could be carried out on your network from a nearby office, lobby or even parking lot, anywhere your WiFi signal reaches.

Patches are now available from wireless hardware vendors to combat this threat and your network could be vulnerable to attack if patches are not applied to affected devices. In addition, be sure to exercise extreme caution when using WiFi networks outside of your home or office. It’s never recommended to use an open or public WiFi network unless you have a secure VPN tunnel that encrypts your traffic.

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If you’re concerned about how this new threat may affect your business please reach out to our technology services team for more information.