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“The Millennial Whisperer,” the practical, profit-focused playbook for working with and motivating the world’s largest generation, dives into what it takes to create a workplace environment that attracts, rewards, promotes and maintains millennial employees. Chris Tuff, the Atlanta-based author of the book, highlights Bennett Thrasher’s commitment to this generation and shares how the firm engages all employees.

Effective team-building exercises are ones that are challenging and push participants out of their comfort zone and into a place of vulnerability. Grounded in this, Bennett Thrasher partnered with experiential firm Vestigo to capture BT’s greatest challenge to date: hiking all 78.6 miles of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia, or as it was coined, “BT on the AT.” This firm-wide initiative raised funds and awareness for Down Syndrome – a cause close to BT’s heart as an employee had recently given birth to a baby girl with the genetic disorder.

Great success came from the BT on the AT initiative. Tuff recognizes how the firm raised over $7,055 for Gigi’s Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Center but also achieved:

  • Incredible publicity from a news reporter who said he wanted to leave his station to work for BT
  • 50% decrease in employee attrition
  • Four drastic personal health breakthroughs from employees hiking – and likely others too

The book quotes Ken Thrasher, Co-Founding Partner of Bennett Thrasher, who said, “In 30 years of building Bennett Thrasher, this is the greatest team building initiative we’ve ever done.”

Bennett Thrasher understands how to make all employees – not just millennials – feel included, validated and acknowledged. The firm’s core values of family, integrity and clients keep everyone grounded in their responsibilities and priorities and reminds everyone that no challenge is too big to overcome together. Bennett Thrasher is better together.

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To better understand how millennials differ from other generations and the steps companies and leaders can take to boost millennial engagement and productivity, read “The Millennial Whisperer.”

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