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In the December 2017 issue of Georgia Trend, Ken Thrasher, one of Bennett Thrasher’s co-founders, discusses the creation of the BT Foundation and the impact it has made on the Atlanta community, as well as the firm internally. The foundation was created in 2003 as a way for employees to support the charities and causes they cared about. In 2017, the firm raised $227,766 for the foundation, part of nearly $2 million since its creation. The story explains that one of the organizations Bennett Thrasher has donated to is Odyssey Atlanta, a summer camp program designed to help public school students improve their grades and learn to love learning. “A couple of things drove that idea,” explains Thrasher. “There’s a typical principle of first-fruits giving, and more than that is the idea that if we give off the top line we’ll never be tempted to not give if we have a bad year.” To read the full article, please click here.