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In a recent article published by Corporate Counsel, Justin Snell, Director in Bennett Thrasher’s Disputes, Valuation and Forensics practice, provides insight on how businesses can respond to allegations of fraud and misconduct. In the highly regulated and complex global business environment, allegations are all too common so it is critical that organizations respond appropriately. Following an allegation, the first step is to determine whether an investigation is required, and if so, who will conduct it? “Every allegation and every organization is unique, and that means there is no single right answer to this question,” explains Snell. The one thing that remains certain, no matter how simple or complex the issue may be, is that a thorough investigation must be performed. Without performing a complete investigation, the organization and individual are put at greater risk. “It may also leave the organization susceptible to a repeat offense, additional financial losses, or worse, exposed to either civil or criminal liability,” says Snell.

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