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Bennett Thrasher associates are getting ready for a summer of adventure as they prepare to hike the Georgia portion of the Appalachian Trail!  BT associates will be split up into teams, each team will hike 79 miles throughout the summer enduring 21,902 feet of elevation change. Vestigo, an outdoor adventure company, will be partnering with the firm by providing guides to make sure associates get the most out of their hike.

There are three main aspects to this summer challenge. The first being team building; this is a unique opportunity for associates to get to know each other better and learn to trust and rely on one another. Secondly, wellness; with the shortest hike being 3 miles, associates are encouraged to push themselves athletically. The third aspect is giving back to our community. In line with the hike we will be fundraising by having associates pledge a dollar amount for every BT mile hiked over the course of the summer. The proceeds will go to benefit GiGi’s Playhouse an Atlanta non-profit dedicated to providing free therapeutic programming, resources and support to families of individuals with Down Syndrome.

Follow our Journey

The hikes will take place during the months of May, June, July and August. We will be posting photos from each group’s journey up the trail so please check our social media channels for updates on how our associates are doing! Thanks to our friends at Vestigo for helping us take on this challenge.