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The BT recruiting team wrapped up another successful fall campus recruiting season in October.  Our overall goal this year was to increase BT’s brand awareness on campuses across the Southeast before the annual accounting career fairs occurred (aka Meet the Firms).  Since students are getting recruited much earlier than in the past in their college career, sometimes their freshman and sophomore year, long-term brand awareness is key to ensuring students are aware of Bennett Thrasher’s offerings before they begin the recruiting process.

In order to drive and build brand recognition, BT hosted several events on campus before the annual Meet the Firms events.  Events included a Regional Firm Meet & Greet at the University of Georgia with Aprio and Frazier & Deeter, Kennesaw State University Beta Alpha Psi socials and meetings through a newly established partnership, as well as socials at Georgia College & State University, Georgia Tech and Auburn University.  This led to over 30 on-campus events in 10 weeks, which was quite a challenge but very exciting!

Following successful on-campus interviews, BT invited over 80 students to attend office visits, to learn more about the firm and meet BT associates.  From there, the recruiting team was able to successfully fill our 2019 internship slots with students representing 10 universities.  However, we could not have been successful without the help of our Campus Champions and BT associates, and we are sincerely grateful to those who volunteered so much of their time!

Bennett Thrasher’s internships are full-time, paid internships that expose students to a wide variety of tax and audit work in various industries across public accounting.  Although the 2019 internships have been filled, if you are interested in pursuing an entry-level staff position for Fall 2019, please apply at

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