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As our purpose statement says, Bennett Thrasher exists to serve our clients by building trust through insight and involvement and to provide professional fellowship and prosperity for everyone in the firm. We define fellowship as working together with like heart, like mind and like purpose with a consistent agenda. We define prosperity as having the resources we need to accomplish growth, serve our clients, enjoy life and be successful.

Bennett Thrasher embodies our “Better Together” tagline by collecting feedback from associates on a regular basis to ensure we are fulfilling our purpose statement. Feedback we received through our 2015 climate survey led us to reevaluate our coaching program and in turn, we have completely revamped it. Coaching has become a central point in organizations and focus is being put on professional services firms to up their coaching game. Just recently, the Journal of Accountancy published an article on how coaching programs help get new partners off to a great start (see article here).

Our program allows for formal conversations around our associate’s feelings and perceptions during different times of the years, a greater focus on continuing education, setting and following through on goals and ensuring we have direct, open and honest communication. With the new program, each coach is required to engage in an 8-hour training to ensure they are equipped with the appropriate skills to build a successful coaching relationship including active listening, challenging their coachee, goal setting, giving clear and effective feedback and accountability. With defined roles and program structure, associates will be provided with continuous touch points around service to clients, delivering high quality products, managing change and building personal capability.

Through ongoing evaluation of the coaching program, we believe it will help us better live out our purpose, more actively serve our “Better Together” tagline and contribute to the overall satisfaction, engagement and growth of the firm.

For more information on Bennett Thrasher’s coaching program, or careers at Bennett Thrasher, please contact our Careers department by calling 770.396.2200.