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In a recent article published in the Marietta Daily Journal, Bennett Thrasher is mentioned for its partnership with Cristo Rey School’s corporate work study program. The article focuses on co-founder Rick Bennett and one of the Cristo Rey students, Grecia Tierrafria. The program allows for four students from Cristo Rey to spend five days a week working at Bennett Thrasher, which in return helps pay for about 70 percent of their tuition. “All four of these young people are polite, considerate, smart,” Bennett said. “There’s very little here from an entry level that these students can’t do. I even want to teach them how to do some of the tax return prep and stuff like that. I haven’t gotten that done yet, but I think they’re totally capable of doing that.”

Tierrafria’s interests and aspirations range from marine biology and marketing, to art, architecture and engineering. Whatever path she chooses, Tierrafria says being at Bennett Thrasher has helped her see how to get her ideas realized. Bennett explains how the students have impacted the firm, “These four young people have been a good addition to Bennett Thrasher in terms of our culture and our work ethic and what we do, and they actually dress better than we do.”

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