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Accounting Today took an in-depth look recently at four of the most successful firms in the country, including Bennett Thrasher. In the article, Rick Bennett and Ken Thrasher explain how sharing the same values is requisite for them to work together successfully and in turn, the drive to foster growth of the firm.  The core values are reflected in Bennett Thrasher’s purpose and mission – integrity, family and clients.

Although the Bennett Thrasher foundation began as a means to give back to the community, the endeavor has had the unintended benefit of attracting talented recruits. The foundation is run by board members who are associates. “We give one-half of 1 percent of our top line gross revenue to the foundation—as first fruit,” says Rick Bennett.

In addition to collaboratively helping the local community, Bennett Thrasher believes that investment in people will enable the firm to retain talent and build leadership for the future. They see a great deal of talent in the senior management group and are deliberately investing in them through their Emerging Leaders Academy and Bench Strength initiatives. According to Ken, “The partners that come out of this program will be great partners for the next 30 years.”

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About Bennett Thrasher

Bennett Thrasher LLP is one of the largest Atlanta-based, full-service certified public accounting and consulting firms and is a Top 100 U.S. accounting firm. The firm creates significant value and a unique positive experience through collaboration—with and between clients, partners, associates and the community. Founded in 1980 by Rick Bennett and Ken Thrasher, today Bennett Thrasher has a dedicated, experienced team of 34 partners and more than 220 associates who believe in the team concept of creating value by working “Better Together.”