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Happy New Year! For more than 40 years, Bennett Thrasher has provided tax and financial advisory services to clients navigating the obstacles that come with growth and an uncertain landscape. We are looking forward to 2022 with renewed optimism and fortitude.

Utilizing lessons learned, through both challenges and successes, we are starting this year with insights learned during the past two years that that we foresee impacting several upcoming fiscal cycles. With that in mind, we share three learnings that we anticipate will affect the financial landscape in 2022.

Be Ready to Pivot for Change

Across the world, the past two years forced advisors to modify many long-standing best practices. At Bennett Thrasher, we quickly responded to changes and adapted as needed to provide meaningful, timely counsel throughout the pandemic. Yet, staying true to our core values allowed us to accept flexibility and produce results.

We filed returns, completed audits and counseled clients through legislative changes and new credits and incentives in a hybrid environment. BT embraced many of the technological innovations that resulted from the pandemic and have seen the opportunities that these advances have brought to our industry, along with many others.

Business leaders who continue to remain nimble and agile are uniquely positioned to focus on outcomes over adversity.

Find Optimism and Go Beyond the Minimum

And while we maintain focus throughout uncertainty, it goes without saying that a little bit of optimism is helping us forge the path forward. The hope for the future of accounting and consulting, and the opportunities to continue to help guide our clients has moved our work. Now, we’re truly more than a CPA firm. Businesses that focus on relationships with accounting firms that have evolved beyond compliance services to include financial advisory consulting and business transformation will grow and avoid pitfalls along the way.

Our decades-long strategic professional development program has empowered team members to embody an entrepreneurial spirit and cultivate their customer-centric mentality. Whether hybrid or in the office, our practice groups act in concert and provide clients with expertise and insights that elevate financial gains across various needs.

We begin this year with the promise that our next generation of advisors will be prepared from day one, thanks to an enriched onboarding process, ongoing dedication to town hall meetings and open forums and comprehensive internal learning.

Embrace Opportunity Out of Chaos

As we account for the ongoing rapid pace of change, investments will guide a swift recovery. The newly launched Bennett Thrasher Innovation Program, supported by the allocation of top-line revenue, intends to help grow new ideas and ancillary services, including implementing artificial intelligence and automation to daily, monthly and yearly tasks. Like our team, those who embraced uncertainty and forged new paths for their business and industry are now reaping great rewards, as we’re at the forefront of a new renaissance of innovation.

We look forward to sharing our team’s expertise to help your assets grow and thrive in the years to come. Cheers for a productive and prosperous 2022!