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The coronavirus pandemic has altered the business landscape and given business owners a new perspective on the most effective and strategic ways to operate their company. While some businesses have excelled by pivoting and incorporating new technologies, others have experienced extreme disruptions, causing their business to shutter.

Depending on where your business is on the spectrum, your perspective on the current environment may have you revisiting your exit plan or exploring new exit opportunities. If so, consider the following questions:

  • Has your timeline to exit changed (e.g., maybe you need to grow your businesses value)?
  • Has your idea of the perfect buyer changed?
  • Does your business face new risks (e.g., if some of your customers have gone out of business, do you now have customer concentration)?
  • Are there any tax strategies you can take advantage of now to improve your estate planning (e.g., if the value of your business has declined, you may want to consider transferring equity to a trust)?
  • Does your exit plan still align with your personal goals?

In addition, 2020 may be an outlier year for your business, causing it to stand out in your financial history that you share with your potential buyer. Because of this, it is essential that you are tracking the financial impacts of the pandemic on your business so that you can provide an explanation of the effects of COVID-19. Some examples of impacts you have faced may include:

  • Change in vendor payment terms;
  • Change in customer payment terms;
  • Increase or decrease in revenues and/or customers;
  • Investment in new marketing strategies;
  • Salary reductions due to furloughs or downsizing; and
  • Change in the structure of the organization.

We Can Help

While this information is fresh in your mind, it can be beneficial to revisit your exit plan to ensure you take a holistic look at where your business stands and where you want it to go. If you have questions about how to successfully overcome pandemic-related obstacles in exit planning, contact Gina Miller by calling 770.396.2200.