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These days, the term quality of earnings (QoE) is thrown around so much that it has become common nomenclature in reference to the wide scope of work transaction accountants are focused on during a deal process. While the QoE analysis is a focal point of the broader scope of services provided by transaction advisors, it is by no means all-encompassing. Below, we have scripted a winning playbook and strategy for buyers and sellers to use as a part of their financial due diligence efforts.


From Countdown to Kick-Off

When kicking off a financial due diligence engagement, many accountants are quick to dive deep into the numbers. However, at the onset of a process, it is important to understand the buyer’s investment thesis, the seller’s transaction rationale and the terms of the proposed transaction. Let’s face it, if an accountant doesn’t understand the underlying premise and structure of the deal, their analysis will more than likely
fall short.

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