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Before the tectonic shift felt by businesses and industries across the U.S. due to the pandemic, our team was spending thousands of hours and budget on one task. Nine Bennett Thrasher associates monitored, manually opened, downloaded, logged and updated billing codes to confirm and initiate signed client engagement letters. This task was a 2-thousand hour per year job. BT’s Technology Services team digitally transformed one redundant task, and engagement letters are now processed in mere minutes, thanks to the implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

As this example proves, there’s never been a better time to make the change to increased operational efficiency through RPA. Businesses in every industry can benefit from adding this new digital team member to the staff. Whether your operations deliver services or solutions to nonprofit, construction, hospitality, healthcare or other industries, the shift to automation can streamline your processes and assist with repetitive tasks to improve overall efficiency. Tasks to automate and benefits of automation include:

  • Onboarding and engagement with clients and customers
  • Taking regular, ongoing, monotonous tasks off employee plates
  • Establishing business continuity and succession planning
  • Maintaining processes and intellectual properties across your business rather than allowing it to remain in the hands of one or two employees
  • Tracking project approvals, estimates, job cost schedules and even materials incoming costs versus outgoing builds

The truth is digital automation supports employee retention and satisfaction. Technology is not replacing associates; we’re now opening the door and allowing our team to get out of the mundane, repetitive and time-consuming manual electronic file uploads. Now associates analyze, strategize and operate in an advisory capacity while our digital employee enters data.

Digital Transformation is Simple

So how has our digital transformation team helped our firm and our clients take the next step toward automation and digital transformation? Our Technology Services team supports businesses by finding the best tasks for automation – and a new digital team member. A few examples of automation successes include:

  1. Our nonprofit client wanted to move their 180-thousand record case management system to a new platform. The data for each case file included multiple downloads and took a great deal of manual clicking. We built a process that opened each file and automatically archived them to a cloud-based storage system. The clients lost nothing and gained valuable employee time back.
  2. Our tax team was eager to find a way to automate the highly manual process of identifying whether clients, in certain geographical locations, are eligible for additional tax benefits. The automation we built will remove the need for a staff member to perform this tedious analysis manually and will then send a consolidated report to our tax team identifying whether or not a client meets the eligibility requirements.
  3. A staff member was tasked with downloading bank statements from over 50 separate bank accounts every month, taking up valuable time. Our development team was able to fully automate that process and is expanding the automation to perform the same task across several other bank sites.

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The bottom line: now is the time to fully invest in business intelligence and digital transformation and automation for your business. It’s time for RPA to become the anchor for your operations and we can help you improve your efficiency and employee satisfaction today. Contact the BT Technology Services team to learn more by emailing