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Business Interruption insurance coverage is evolving. In wake of disasters disrupting supply chains, Contingent Business Income remains elevated while Business Interruption makes jumps in specialty lines. Business Interruption (BI) claims are no longer limited to risks such as fire, wind or machinery breakdown. Many businesses have looked into specialty products such as Cyber and Environmental coverage to protect their property and operations.

Systems failure coverage, a newcomer to Cyber-BI, does not require an outside attack or breach to trigger. It is essentially an enterprise coverage against disruption – any integration that affects their ability to generate income. Environmental insurance can be triggered long after property damage is repaired. In real estate, interest in pollution-caused BI has risen due to construction activity.

Contingent Business Income (CBI) remains elevated because it goes a level deeper than BI. CBI insures against income loss resulting from damage to property on which [their] business is dependent.

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