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Bennett Thrasher was a proud sponsor of last week’s Southern Brewers Conference in Nashville.  Partner Michael Dukes hosted a panel discussion with panelists Arlington Capital and Synovus. Topics covered included: Mergers and Acquisitions in the craft brewing space, commercial lending for craft brewers, as well as some practical advice and guidance for craft brewers in presenting themselves when raising capital.  Key takeaways craft brewers should consider when prepping to raise capital include:

  • Get your historical financial data right. Make sure your financial data is clear, consistent, and accurate. It should truly tell the story behind where your brewery is financially
  • Prepare your projected financial data. This should be based on historical information, include clear and reliable assumptions, be well thought out and be attainable.
  • Make sure you’re in regulatory compliance.  All permitting and filings need to be documented, and up to date including but not limited to excise taxes, licenses, BBT and income taxes.
  • State your brand. Be sure you’re legally allowed to use the trade names and labels you’ve developed.  Your brand statements should cover everything operational, including distribution, showing how you are positioned for growth, be realistic and believable.

For more information on how craft brewers can raise capital or for any other craft brewing financial information contact Michael Dukes by calling 770.396.2200.