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Wealth & Tax Planning-Crossing Borders and Generations

Globalization has changed the way you do business and extended your global footprint, providing you with a multitude of opportunities outside your home country. As a result of these international opportunities, you may be subject to multijurisdictional taxation that requires you to be vigilant about your assets both in the United States and abroad. You may be overwhelmed by the many regulations your cross-border lifestyle brings or find yourself needing specialized guidance or technical assistance with an ongoing legal compliance matter. You also want to be sure that your international assets and investments are secure in the present, while planning for success in the future. Most of all, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your financial future is secure no matter where you choose to reside.


Bennett Thrasher provides individuals with the guidance they need to navigate complex international regulations as well as help to minimize our clients’ worldwide tax burdens. Our deep expertise helps us serve as front line advocates for our clients and their counsel on a variety of federal, state and local tax matters.

We provide specialized international services to help you meet your goals and maintain compliance, including:

  • Providing customized tax guidance to expatriate and inpatriate individuals and businesses, with emphasis on transition years
  • Consulting and preparing individual tax and assurance documents for OVDP, OVDI, FBAR and streamlined domestic/foreign offshore procedure submissions
  • Accounting & technical support to counsel for tax controversy and criminal tax matters
  • Tax support and representation for individuals-including resident and non-resident aliens; trusts & estates; and domestic & foreign businesses
  • Coordination with local and global legal counsel to help optimize selections and elections
  • Developing successful estate plans to cross borders and generations, that are customized and structured to meet your family’s needs

Team Leaders

If you are looking for cross border guidance to ensure compliance and peace of mind, please contact Chris Benner or Bridget Dunk by calling 770.396.2200 to schedule a consultation.


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