Transaction Advisory – Valuation

Unlocking Business Value in Transactions

Achieving the greatest value in any transaction – whether you’re conducting a merger or acquisition, implementing an employee stock option plan (ESOP), or adding a new partner -requires insight into a multitude of factors, from the value of the business (or combined businesses) and assets to the accounting and tax implications of the deal structure. Bennett Thrasher’s transaction advisory team understands all of the factors that drive business value, and we provide the comprehensive insight necessary to execute transactions efficiently and with the most beneficial results.

Support Throughout the Transaction Cycle

The experienced professionals of Bennett Thrasher can provide assistance in analyzing and evaluating your company’s proposed transactions to ensure an accurate understanding of the financial terms and the drivers impacting cash flows and value. Our assistance in determining and articulating the value and risk drivers inherent to a transaction can help make certain that transaction terms align with your business objectives. We can advise you through all or specific aspects of a transaction through our advisory services related to:

  • Fairness Opinions
  • Solvency Options
  • Buy- or Sell-Side Representation
  • Negotiations/Deal Management
  • Financial Due Diligence
    • Review & Advice on Transaction Documents & Debt Agreements
    • Identification of Primary Business Drivers & Key Exposure Areas
    • Preparation & Review of Cash Flow Projections
    • Development of Shareholder Agreement Terms, Buy-Sell Agreements, & Equity-Based Incentive Programs
  • Detailed Financial Modeling & Feasibility Analyses
  • Post Transaction Integration & Post Deal Support
  • Capital Structure Advice
  • Strategic Alternatives Development
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)


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If you’re looking for a financial consultant, contact our team today or call 770.396.2200 to get started. We can provide merger & acquisition due diligence as well as collaborate with each party involved to ensure maximized value.

For general inquiry, please contact:

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