Transaction Advisory – Financial

Real Deal Experience and High Quality Service at Industry Competitive Rates

Many of our advisors have hands-on buy-side and sell-side experience in corporate development. This background helps our team understand the nuances of deal-making up and down the transaction process. From sourcing to signing, through closing and into integration, our team has the breadth of experience that helps us differentiate ourselves from many of our competitors in the marketplace. Evaluating investments with the lens of a deal-maker helps us focus on what really matters for our clients and hone-in on why a specific transaction makes sense or not.

About Our Financial Advisors

Our advisors are CPAs by trade, with Big 4 accounting backgrounds and a track record of providing traditional transaction advisory services to blue chip strategic corporate clients and serial private equity investors. When engaging our transaction advisory team, you should expect the same high-quality analytics and reporting that you would receive if you had signed up for services using a national CPA firm.

Our unique deal experiences provide us with the necessary toolkit to focus on areas of the transaction that could have a potential deal implication to you. We pride ourselves on providing efficient and effective advisory services, and thus, can offer some of the most competitive rates in the market.

Financial Services for Business Transactions

Our key service areas include:

  • Buy-Side and Sell-Side Financial Due Diligence
    • Traditional Services:
      • Quality of Earnings Analysis
      • Quality of Assets Analysis
      • Working Capital Assistance and Negotiation
      • Identification of Debt and Debt-Like Items
      • Off-Balance Sheet Exposures
      • Audit Working Paper Review
    • Additional Services:
      • Deep Dive Income Statement and Balance Sheet Analytics
      • Operating Metric and Key Performance Indicator Analysis
      • Free Cash Flow Implications
      • Proof of Cash Modeling
      • Synergy Evaluation
      • Forecast Reasonableness Assessment
  • Other Financial Transaction Advisory Services
    • Seller Readiness Consulting
    • Carve-Out Financial Statement Preparation
    • Independent Vendor Due Diligence Report
    • M&A Outsourcing
    • Transaction Advisory Sub-Contracting
    • Independent Accountant in Post-Acquisition Working Capital and Earn-Out Dispute Resolution
    • Customized Services for Early Stage Investors, Mezzanine Funds, Lenders
    • Limited Scope Engagements

Contact Bennett Thrasher

If you’re looking for a financial consultant for a business transaction, contact Vijay Vaswani by calling 770.396.2200. We can provide merger & acquisition due diligence as well as collaborate with each party involved to ensure maximized value.