Domestic Litigation

The Financial Insight You Need to Resolve Tough Matters

When you’re embroiled in a divorce or other family litigation matter, avoiding a drawn-out dispute is a high priority. Achieving a quick resolution–ideally before the matter enters the courtroom–depends on a clear and complete understanding of key financial issues, such as the value of ownership interests in closely held business enterprises, which are often at the heart of these matters. That’s why you need the support from experts who have the experience, knowledge and credibility to address the key issues and develop analyses and reports that can move the matters to resolution or provide information that is helpful to the trier-of-fact at trial.

Bennett Thrasher’s litigation support team of valuation professionals, forensic accountants, tax advisors and other financial experts have many years of experience in working with clients on complex financial matters and providing advice and testimony in litigation matters, as well as in mediations and other collaborative situations.

We draw on this experience to support our opinions and recommendations with credible and thorough business valuations, financial forecasts and other analyses that are often critical to successful outcomes in divorce and family litigation matters.

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