Dispute Resolution & Forensics

Resolving Corporate Disputes and Issues Through Financial Insight

In today’s dynamic and challenging business environment, you and your business must be prepared to face a multitude of issues such as internal investigations of fraud or accounting irregularities, complex commercial litigation, or allegations of compliance breaches.

Between the financial impact of these disputes and the potential for unwelcome public scrutiny, the stakes involved can be staggering. Unraveling the complex financial aspects at the heart of these disputes requires access to sophisticated forensic accounting expertise-an efficient strike team with the skills to quickly and efficiently grasp the unique aspects of the matter and present those findings clearly and concisely.

Bennett Thrasher’s dedicated Dispute Resolution and Forensics team has the combination of skills and experience you need. Whether we serve as expert witnesses, forensic accountants, fraud examiners, or in a neutral fashion, we assess the damages, the extent of the investigation, the level of urgency, and all feasible end results to resolve your matter in the most efficient and effective manner.

We provide this vital financial insight through the following specialty services:

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