Kyle Aldridge Discusses Forensic Accounting and Natural Disasters

Kyle Aldridge, Senior Manager at Bennett Thrasher, had his article, “How the Weather Channel Affects a Forensic Accountant’s Pipeline,” published in Current Accounts, the official magazine of The Georgia Society of CPAs. The article discusses forensic accounting in the insurance industry, and the typical procedures associated with filing an insurance claim, specifically one that is weather related.

Partner Expenses Not Always Deductible by Partner

Partners in partnerships may be surprised to learn that they are not necessarily permitted to deduct expenses on their personal tax return that were incurred while engaging in a partnership activity.

Dealing With Year-End Fund Distributions

Remember that time when you or your accountant filed your tax return and you were hit with an unexpected tax bill? It’s not fun seeing that extra cash you had put away to go on vacation suddenly disappear. One of the causes of these unexpected tax bills could be from making changes to your investment portfolio at the end of the year.

The Fraud Risk in Mergers & Acquisitions

A friend of mine unwrapped a Christmas present and was excited to open the box to discover her new gift. Her excitement turned to disappointment when she found a used candle inside the box.

Bennett Thrasher Adds Rick Suid as Partner in Financial Reporting & Assurance Practice

Bennett Thrasher is pleased to announce that Rick Suid has joined the firm as a Partner in the Financial Reporting & Assurance department. Suid has more than 15 years of experience providing auditing and accounting services with specific expertise in development investment, and management companies in the commercial, multi-family and affordable housing sectors.

Accountant Liability to Third Parties in Georgia

In the most recent edition of the Georgia Bar Journal, Teresa E. Adams and J. Marbury Rainer address the paradigm shift in accountant liability to 3rd parties in Georgia. Under traditional Georgia law, negligence suits could only be sustained against accountants by parties who were in contractual relationships with the accountants.

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