Bennett Thrasher Partner Group Expands

As 2013 came to a close, Bennett Thrasher LLP saw growth not only in profitability, but also in leadership. Five new partners have joined the partner ranking bringing the total number to 28.

2013 Year-End Review: Notable Accolades

2013 proved another successful year for Bennett Thrasher LLP; the Firm received four national and two local awards. Chief Operating Officer, Gary Edwards remarked on the Firm’s growth and success: “The recognition Bennett Thrasher received in 2013 is a direct reflection of the commitment of our partners and associates. Our growing team’s dedication to quality client service has resulted in an unprecedented rate of growth for the Firm, in terms of both revenue and profitability.”

Tips for Accounting Interns

At Bennett Thrasher, we absolutely love having interns, and with the New Year already beginning, Spring Internships will soon be starting.

Strategies to Reduce Rising Employment Costs

Manufacturers, working in a labor-intensive industry, are being hit particularly hard as employment costs continue to rise in the US. Industry Week recently published “Strategies to Reduce Rising Employment Cost” by Bennett Thrasher’s Rick Rosell, which offer tips on strategies that can ease some of this pain.

Bennett Thrasher Foundation Annual Report

Bennett Thrasher pleased to announce the issuance of the inaugural edition of the Bennett Thrasher Foundation Annual Report. The purpose of the Annual Report is to highlight both the accomplishments and impact the Foundation has made in the community.

What is Georgia’s Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit Program?

In 2008, Georgia passed legislation that allows taxpayers to donate or redirect a portion of their Georgia income tax liability to qualified private schools in Georgia. The schools then use these funds to provide scholarships for qualified children ranging from Pre-K through 12th grade. In 2013, Georgia allocated $58 million to fund this program and all of the funds were claimed by the private schools by early May.

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