On-Demand Webinar: Avoid Common Sales Tax Pitfalls in M&A Skip to main content

Brian Sengson, a partner with Bennett Thrasher’s State and Local Tax department, will hold a 50-minute webinar on some of the lesser-known manufacturing issues that have significant costs due to sales tax exposure. Here is the full agenda:

  • Sales Tax Basics
    • Overview of nexus, taxability, and compliance
    • Addressing sales tax early in due diligence
  • Key Considerations in M&A
    • Buyer-side: Liabilities and compliance
    • Seller-side: Risk mitigation and transaction readiness
  • Manufacturer Challenges
  • Case Studies
    • Analysis of Due Diligence Outcomes
    • Lessons and best practices from real scenarios

If these items are of interest to you and/or your team, please secure your seat now.