Build a Winning Team and Achieve Your Business and Personal Goals

Choosing the right team to advise you can help you continue to grow your business while working towards your personal goals. An experienced exit planning professional can assist you in developing the right plan for your business and creating a balanced lifestyle by integrating your personal and professional goals.

Prepare for the 5 Ds and Exit Your Business on Your Terms

Life can change quickly. If something unexpectedly happens to you, your business could be adversely affected and your day to day operations could come to a complete halt. Business owners must prepare for unexpected events and have a contingency plan for worst-case scenarios.

Three Numbers You Need to Know and Manage to Meet Your Goals

Several key calculations can help you determine gaps in your business that may prevent you from meeting your goals. Our graphic explains the three most important gaps that exist for most business owners and shares how to calculate these gaps to determine how to best meet your business and personal goals.

COVID-19’s Impact on Goodwill Impairment Assessments

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted, to varying degrees, both the current and future financial performance of almost every company across all industries. As a result, assessing goodwill impairment has become a hot topic, with some companies taking another look at the valuation-related processes surrounding their existing goodwill impairment procedures.

Considerations for Estimating Company-Specific Risk

Said simply, the value of any business is the present value of its expected cash flows. In order to convert these estimated cash flows to present value, they must be discounted using a required rate of return. The discount rate used should be commensurate with the risk of achieving these expected cash flows.

What’s in a Multiple?

As you begin the process of selling your business, it’s important to make sure that you have a grasp on the current market landscape. While conducting general market research is a starting point that allows business owners to get a pulse on the industry, it often leads to misunderstandings and raises more questions, particularly as owners try to get a feel for what similar companies are selling for.

How to Tackle Your Exit Plan During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has altered the business landscape and given business owners a new perspective on the most effective and strategic ways to operate their company. While some businesses have excelled by pivoting and incorporating new technologies, others have experienced extreme disruptions, causing their business to shutter.

Overcoming Obstacles in Business Exit Planning

Business owners probably think of retirement as a time to let go of all business stresses and to finally begin relaxing. Surprise—according to a recent study, more than 70% of former owners regret selling their companies less than a year after the sale. What causes so many to regret their decision? The culprit seems to be the lack of preparation on the part of the business owner.

Increasing Business Value through Proactive Due Diligence

Most people think of due diligence from the point of view of a prospective buyer. While that is typical, it is now becoming more common for business owners to conduct their own due diligence to fix any weaknesses within their company in advance of a potential sale.

Planning for that Next Chapter

Exit planning for business owners is not only about the numbers – the value of your business and your personal financial plan.  It is also about planning for that next chapter in your life. 

Owners Should Consider Private Equity as an Exit Option

Favorable economic conditions alongside baby boomers looking to exit their businesses over the next ten years have resulted in an active M&A market.  While there are many exit options, business owners should consider a recapitalization using a private equity firm.

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