Avalara Integration

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Experience Matters

When it comes to maximizing Avalara for software companies, we go beyond basics. Bennett Thrasher customizes Avalara setup to suit your unique needs. Expect thorough training, future-proofing, and unwavering support.

  • Unparalleled Software Focus
    Our specialty lies in guiding software companies to harness Avalara to its fullest potential.
  • We understand software intricacies inside and out.
    Our goal is zero mistakes, total compliance, and ultimate efficiency. We ensure you get every ounce of value from Avalara integration.
  • Certified Partner for Software Success.
    We’re not just experts; we’re certified partners dedicated to your software company’s success.

Sales Tax Domination

Navigate the Avalara tax integration landscape confidently with our expert guidance. Let us help you build best-practice processes around Avalara to ensure proper compliance, including (but not limited to):

  • Taxability study / classifying products
  • Product mapping
  • Nexus issues
  • Implementation (initial and when switching ERPs)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Custom taxability rules
  • Accounting for exempt customers and marketplace facilitators

Join Us & Learn More

Stephen Bradshaw
Partner in charge of
State and Local Tax

Avalara Integration
Expert Guidance for Software Companies

Webinar: Common and Costly Avalara Configuration Issues

In this webinar, we will be covering common and costly Avalara implementation/configuration issues, building processes and procedures around Avalara to ensure compliance, and dealing with prior period exposure. Our topics will include:

  • Product Mapping Issues
  • Returns, Reconciliation, & Reporting
  • Nexus Issues
  • Considerations when Switching ERPs
  • Exempt Customers
  • Preparing for Due Diligence
  • Streamline Sales Tax Program – Pros and Cons
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements and Registrations

Webinar Presenter:
Stephen Bradshaw is a Partner in Bennett Thrasher’s State and Local Tax practice, providing state income/franchise tax consulting; compliance; ASC 740 (provision); sales/use tax consulting; state tax credit and incentives; unclaimed property; and other miscellaneous state tax services to clients of varying sizes and legal entity types. Read Stephen’s full bio here.