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Zoom fatigue is real, but are there ways to fight it and continue to work effectively virtually? Jabari Scott, Bennett Thrasher’s Talent Acquisition Coordinator, recently spoke with Kennesaw State University’s Nicole Pearce on her Career Conversations podcast, sharing tips for teams to implement to combat Zoom fatigue and grow closer while working remotely.

During their discussion, Scott shared how Bennett Thrasher has created opportunities for associates to stay engaged virtually. He emphasized how the firm has made it a priority to make sure interns and new hires learn about the firm’s culture, despite not being in the office. Below is a snapshot of the conversation.

  • How have you seen teams collaborate virtually? While our firm’s team meetings have been held primarily over Zoom, we’ve also created opportunities for associates to engage in fun ways virtually too, such as through happy hours. Associates are encouraged to keep cameras turned on to improve participant engagement. BT has also organized socially distant, in-person activities for associates to attend as well. Over the holidays, we did a drive-in movie night, which was a huge success!
  • What tips do you have for teams to implement to improve engagement with others over Zoom? Speaking up during meetings can be intimidating, but we encourage associates of all levels to continue to ask questions and ask for feedback, as communication is essential to working effectively in a virtual setting. Getting on people’s schedules by setting up one-on-one time with managers is great too.
  • How do you factor in Zoom fatigue? It’s easy to get burnt out, which is why we encourage associates to take breaks throughout the day. Whether it’s brief time away from your screen or getting outside for a walk, we understand the value of setting up time blocks to step away from your laptop and take time for yourself.
  • What suggestions do you have for student interns who don’t feel connected to other associates immediately? Start off slow! It’s hard to connect with everyone, especially right off the bat. Get to know your fellow interns, and then continue to build your network from there. Be personable, participate, take initiative and most importantly, be yourself. This is a learning experience and we want you to get the most out of it.

To hear the full conversation, click here.

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Bennett Thrasher is passionate about connecting with the next generation of accounting and business professionals and encourages students to monitor its website and apply for open positions. To learn more about Bennett Thrasher’s internships, contact Jabari Scott by calling 770.396.2200.