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Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine recently published an article by John Yeager, Managing Director of Bennett Thrasher’s Business Transformation Services practice. In the article, titled “Three Reasons to Outsource Your Restaurant’s Accounting Services,” he outlines the cost-saving and time-saving benefits of outsourcing accounting services to a skilled provider.

  1. Cloud Computing and Automation: Cloud computing and automation offered by cloud-based accounting software can help restaurant management teams make more informed decisions for their businesses related to staffing and inventory management.
  2. Tech Savvy and Expertise: Outsourcing accounting services to a knowledgeable third party gives restaurant owners access to an experienced team of accountants that are well-versed in cloud-based systems and have the know-how to leverage their dimensions and automation to process transactions quickly and accurately. This results in deeper and more granular reporting and analytics, which would otherwise only be available through pricey business intelligence tools. This enables business owners to make finance-driven decisions without having to make an additional investment.
  3. Affordability: Finally, utilizing outsourced accounting services in place of relying on in-house operations can reduce costs (up to 50 percent, in some cases).

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To learn more about the benefits of outsourced accounting for restaurants, read the full article here.

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