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Gina Miller, Partner and Co-Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and Holly Read, Project Manager and Co-Chair of the Women’s Leadership and Development Committee at Bennett Thrasher, were recent guests on Atlanta Business RadioX to discuss BT’s Women’s Leadership and Development Program.

The hosts of the program, Lee Kantor and Stone Payton, asked Gina and Holly questions about the Diversity and Inclusion mission at Bennett Thrasher, the focus of Women’s Leadership and Development and the advice they would give to those who want to support women’s advocacy. Other topics discussed include the business case for gender diversity, unconscious bias awareness training and the importance of commitment from both men and women in the quest for gender diversity.

To listen to a recording of the program, click here.

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If you are interested in learning more about Diversity and Inclusion and Women’s Leadership and Development at Bennett Thrasher, contact Gina Miller or Holly Read.