Hurricane Season Starts ”“ Are You Prepared?

The 2015 hurricane season has officially started. This season's first named Subtropical Storm is Ana, recently forming off the coast of Georgia. While she did not become a hurricane, she created strong rip currents and caused coastal flooding. Stay tuned to see how this year's predictions hold up.

The US is currently in the middle of its longest 'Hurricane Drought' in recorded history. No major Category 3 or higher storm has struck the US in the past nine years, which is the longest stretch since 1851. Hurricane Wilma was the last category 3 storm to strike in the US, making landfall in Florida in 2005.

The effects of hurricanes and other natural disasters can cause businesses to suffer serious interruptions For example, the recent flooding in Texas put business activity on hold causing significant losses. This can lead to unexpected expenses, reduced revenue and other crippling situations.

If you or your business find yourself facing an unexpected interruption, Bennett Thrasher can help. We have experience in handling business interruption, property damage and extra expense type losses. For additional information please contact Chris Frederick or Kyle Aldridge by calling 770.396.2200.