Will Medicaid Expansion Lead to a Surge in Costs?

Debate regarding the total cost impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion continues to churn. Supporters of Medicaid expansion have long argued that by providing access to primary and preventative care, the use of emergency care by newly covered enrollees will significantly decline, resulting in reduced costs to the overall healthcare system.

Lessons Learned in Valuation of Interest in Entity

When determining the value of an interest in any entity, it is important to understand all of the characteristics of that interest. This was made clear in the case Estate of Tanenblatt v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo 2013-263.

How will the Sales Tax Refund Impact Georgia Food Service Companies?

The Georgia Restaurant Association published an article on its “Accounting Corner” blog written by Bennett Thrasher manager, Stephen Bradshaw. “Sales Tax Refund Opportunity from Finalized Georgia Regulation” focuses on the Georgia Department of Revenue’s recently finalized sales tax regulation that could result in prospective sales tax savings as well as a refund opportunity for Georgia restaurants and other establishments that sell prepared food (e.g., caterers, food trucks, cafeterias).

How Many Times Must I Tell You?!?! ”“ A Lesson in Fraud Prevention

“How many times must I tell you before you will listen to me?!?!” As children, we all heard this question from our mothers countless times – typically following some pattern of bad behavior or a refusal to do what we were supposed to do that resulted in us getting in trouble over and over again. Our moms wanted to pull their hair out from the seemingly endless stubbornness that we exalted.

Cory Bennett Discusses PCC’s New Private Company GAAP Exceptions in CFMA’s Building Profits

Cory Bennett, Senior Manager at Bennett Thrasher, had his article “An Overview of the PCC’s New Private Company GAAP Exceptions” published in Building Profits, the official publication for the Construction Financial Management Association. The article examines the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s (FASB) issuance of several U.S. GAAP alternatives for private companies through the formation of the Private Company Council (PCC).

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