Bennett Thrasher Partner Peter Stathopoulos Informs Oz on Maximizing Incentives to Reduce Investor Risk in Film and TV Production

The most recent issue of Oz Magazine, a publication directed at professionals in the visual communication industry, featured an article by Peter Stathopoulos: “Stacking the Deck: Stacking Federal and State Tax Incentives to Reduce Investor Risk in Film and TV Production.” Stathopoulos gives an informative overview of Georgia's entertainment tax credit program, an incentive program widely used by production companies to save up to 30% of their qualifying expenditures. More interestingly, however, Stathopoulos goes on to describe other state and federal credit and incentive programs that can be combined with Georgia entertainment tax credits for even greater savings. Some of the lesser-known programs that could benefit those in the entertainment industry include Georgia employee retraining credits and federal domestic production activity credits.

To read the full article, on page 36 of the December 2013 / January 2014 issue of “Oz,” please click here.

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