Bennett Thrasher’s Stephen Bradshaw Shares Tips on Year-End Planning for Small Businesses

Bennett Thrasher Manager Stephen Bradshaw's “Year-End Planning Important for Small Biz” was recently published in the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The article reveals some lesser-known Georgia-specific tax saving opportunities small businesses can take advantage of to maximize the effectiveness of their year-end tax planning. The opportunities discussed include:

  1. Revenue sourcing for service providers
  2. “Clean energy property” income tax credits
  3. Crowdfunding
  4. Purchasing Georgia tax credits
  5. Exemptions for energy used in manufacturing

Bradshaw advises, “With significant new taxes and tax rates that took effect in 2013 and the new regulations that are scheduled to take effect in 2014, it's essential for Atlanta businesses to understand how these changes will impact them, as well as what strategies and tactics are available to help them.”

For more information on year-end tax planning and Georgia tax incentives, please contact Stephen Bradshaw or call 770.396.2200.