Domestic Litigation

The Financial Insight You Need to Resolve Tough Matters

When you're embroiled in a divorce or commercial litigation, avoiding a drawn-out dispute is a high priority. Achieving a quick resolution-ideally before the matter enters the courtroom-depends on clear and complete communication of the financial issues that are often at the heart of these matters. That's why you need reinforcement from experts who have the battle scars and credibility to support a winning argument.

Bennett Thrasher's litigation support team is among the largest and most comprehensive in Atlanta. Our accredited valuation professionals, forensic accountants, divorce financial analysts and other financial experts have collectively testified in hundreds of litigation matters, as well as in mediations and other collaborative situations.

We draw on this experience to support our opinions with credible and thorough business valuations, lost profits and damages calculations, and expert testimony in divorce and commercial cases.

Domestic Litigation Support

In a divorce proceeding, if either party doesn't have all the information needed to make an informed decision, accurate conclusions will be a challenge to attain.

Bennett Thrasher's marital dissolution team has the tax, valuation and forensic accounting expertise to uncover all the pieces of financial information and present that complete picture in a way that will support our opinions.

Bennett Thrasher provides this thorough and accurate financial picture through:

  • Forensic investigation to identify and trace separate assets, such as real estate, investments and stock options
  • Valuation of closely held businesses and other assets
  • Preparation of the marital balance sheet
  • Recommendation of equitable division of pre-tax and post-tax assets for settlement negotiation

Commercial Litigation Support

Preserving financial value is at the heart of all business disputes. Whether a reduction in business value, breach of contract, lost profits or other form of damages is asserted, the party with the best combination of financial expertise and ability to clearly and concisely communicate convincing opinions will prevail.

Bennett Thrasher's litigation support and valuation team members have the training, credentials and experience to help legal counsel frame financial issues and determine the respective merits and weaknesses. With 20 years or more of relevant experience, each of our senior professionals is equipped to work side-by-side with attorneys and clients during every stage of the litigation process, from discovery and fact-finding to settlement negotiations and expert testimony.

Whether serving as witnesses, consultants or in a neutral fashion, Bennett Thrasher provides support in a variety of commercial litigation matters, including:

  • Condemnation via eminent domain
  • Shareholder disputes and corporate dissolution
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Lost profits, wages and earnings
  • Breach of contract
  • Professional malpractice
  • Business interruption
  • Breach of fiduciary duty

Better Together

Achieving successful outcomes in commercial and domestic litigation cases often requires a full-court press approach. As one of the largest full-service accounting firms in Atlanta, Bennett Thrasher brings a comprehensive understanding of the complex tax, forensic accounting and dispute resolution concepts and tactics that can help you prevail.

If you're ready to start collaborating with experienced litigation and valuation experts, contact Robert Taylor at 770.396.2200 for a confidential consultation.