Corporate Investigations

Leveraging Our Experience to Gain Insight and Make Critical Decisions

It’s unnerving when your organization or client is accused of fraud, or when you discover that someone has stolen from your organization or falsified its financial information. Undoubtedly, you’ll need to answer some very critical questions including, how did this happen? Who is responsible? For how long did this go on? Each moment that passes without answers to these questions costs your organization time and money.

In these moments, every decision moving forward is critical to the success of the overall investigation. Knowing how to properly conduct an investigation and communicate with your outside / in-house counsel, your board and its committees, as well as interfacing with regulators, is imperative. In these critical moments there is no substitute for experience.

We regularly work with general counsels and outside counsel in the areas of white collar crime investigations, government investigations and special matters, corporate internal investigations and corporate compliance and ethics investigations. Our team has experience investigating:

  • Asset Misappropriation
    • Fraudulent conveyance and other theft & embezzlement schemes
    • Inventory theft
    • Payroll fraud
    • Procurement / billing fraud
    • Travel and entertainment (T&E) fraud
  • Breaches of Compliance
    • False Claims Act qui tam investigations
    • Whistleblower allegations
  • Corruption
    • Bribery / kickback schemes
    • Conflicts of interest
  • Fraudulent Financial Reporting
    • Improper disclosures
    • Overstatement of assets including improper asset valuations
    • Overstatement of revenues including fictitious revenue, channel stuffing and other revenue schemes
    • Understatement of expenses and liabilities and earnings management
    • Other intentional differences in timing of revenues and expenses

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